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Firearm Rentals

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Gun Rentals

If you want to test a firearm before a purchase or just for fun, visit us! Buying a firearm can be a tough decision but renting is the perfect opportunity to test different firearms for those who aren’t quite sure which gun is right for them. Our diverse rental fleet is unmatched. We also offer a large selection of rifles and machines guns for rent.

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Rental Fees

  • Handgun Rental – $15 per weapon + cost of ammo
  • NFA (fully automatic) – Rental $40 per weapon + cost of ammo
  • Rifles and Shotguns – $40 per weapon + cost of ammo

You must purchase our ammo to use in our rental guns

To rent one of our firearms some level of experience is necessary, if you do not have experience we do offer an introductory class





Instruction for new shooters and those looking to improve their proficiency.


This class is ideal for first-time shooters who are preparing for the Texas LTC course.


Largest Rental Fleet in the state of Texas

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