$40 for Firearms  $100 for NFA items 

The law requires that every firearm that is ordered online (or from a store located out-of-state) to be transferred to a federally licensed firearms dealer. They will then contact you to complete the FFL transfers and you can collect your firearm. When you choose Top Gun Range for your FFL transfers, you have nothing to worry about. We make sure each transfer goes as smoothly as possible.

First, purchase your firearm from any remote or out of state dealer and provide us with their contact information using the form on this page. When we receive the information we will contact the seller and initiate the FFL transfer process. You will then be contacted by us via phone or email once your order has been processed and is ready for pickup. We will ONLY transfer the firearm to the individual whose name is listed on the packing slip.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Please do not assume that because your tracking number shows your firearm has been delivered, that it is ready for pick up. It takes time to process in-bound transfers and we will call you when your gun is ready for pickup. Please ensure that you check your voicemail too. We will always leave a voicemail, if the option is available, to let you know your gun is ready for pickup.

When you purchase a gun from out-of-state or online, it is required by federal law that the purchaser have that firearm transferred to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. The dealer will then run a background check before releasing the firearm to the buyer, unless they have a Texas LTC.  Top Gun Range will only transfer a firearm with a NICS proceed or a LTC.

All transfers must be picked up within 30 days from when the item is ready for pickup.  The customer will be charged a $20 storage fee on the 1st of every month thereafter.  At 120 days the item will be forfeited and sold to cover storage fees and other expenses without compensation to the transferee.

FFL Transfers Form

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Updated April 2023





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